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Brock Ventura  

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About Brock Ventura
author brock ventura Brock Anthony Ventura was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 3, 1974 to Anthony Ventura, an engineer, and Mary Ventura, a local artist. He is the eldest of three siblings, two brothers and a sister, raised in a family of six grounded in their French and Italian heritage.

He started his life in the small town of Bourg, LA, rich in bayou culture, where he attended parochial schools, actively participating in athletics and the arts. At the age of eight, he started to draw and paint, wining several local and statewide contests throughout his childhood.

His father moved his family to Mandeville, LA on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain where the famous Causeway, 24 mile bridge, stretches south to New Orleans. The bayou turned nostalgia as the new affluent city broadened his perspective and changed his horizons.

At fifteen, he wrote his first poem, regarding the death of a loved one, and was published by the National Institute for Poetry. During high school, he continued to win art contests and gain a bit of recognition for his work with oils on canvas, but athletics steadied his future as he intended to be a professional athlete. In his senior year, however, the only scholarships he was offered came from art schools. The Chicago Institute of Art awarded him one that would pay his tuition, but his family could not afford the housing cost, so in 1993, Brock graduated from Mandeville high school and set off to a local college, majoring in Art and walking on the football team.

That year, the computer took over animation, and Brock decided to turn his attention towards writing. Journalism became his major while his professional purists of athletics settled for the fame of intramural sports. Throughout college, he was published in multiple university presses and local print media, had seven more poems published, and saw several web based articles accepted during the birth of the internet. During that time, Brock fell in love with music and often put his pen down to teach himself how to play guitar on which he wrote enough songs to span the Stones’ career. Most fill his lyric books today.

Brock graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Journalism alongside an English Literature minor concentrated in the influences of mythology and theology on literary fiction, advanced by a semester devoted to the Western Canon, four years of Latin, and two Divine Comedy independent studies. To achieve this feat, Brock attended four universities, LSU, USM, USL, and SLU, but most of his hopping was due to the woman he calls wife today.

After his graduation, they moved to Houston, TX as Brock began a career in business development within the Oil and Gas industry. He loved writing, directing, and the arts, but California and New York existed too far to move, so he settled on a job for twice the salary any job in those fields paid in Louisiana or Texas, anywhere south for that matter.

New Orleans would later turn Hollywood South, but he graduated ten years too early; albeit, when he and his wife moved back home, preparing for their first born son, the film industry wove into New Orleans, and Brock dove in to it, involved in the independent movement, developing and writing scripts as he still does today.

Tired of the oilfield and blessed with an engineer for a father, Brock opened a home building company that grew into a multimillion dollar business seeing over 300 homes built. Each of them filled his creative need, as did the industry, while Brock drafted house plans, wrote for trade journals, and published construction literature. All the while, since the day he entered college, Brock formulated the book and movie projects he works on today, the Land of the King in particular, which he started when his eldest born. As his daughter followed, Brock’s business afforded him time to write and provided his family a well-to-do life.

In 2007, that changed when the home building industry crashed. Via a friend’s position with the DEA, the FBI recruited Brock. At thirty-four after ten months of training, he was in the best shape of his life and offered a Special Agent's position with the FBI. Quantico should have followed, but with another child on the way and AWOL if he left, he held off for a semester. During that time the hunt turned better than the kill, as did his salary back in the oilfield where he was offered twice what the FBI paid.

As a communications specialist, Brock oversees business development and engineers business systems for an oilfield service company. Both roles include technical writing which helps hone his craft in regards to his novels and screenplays. Brock’s career supports his family, but twenty-three year’s worth of writing compiles his future while he prepares to be published traditionally, as it should be.

“I want to share my work, inspire readers, and move them into fans on a journey in which the end will never outweigh the road traveled.”


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