A new author from an old world worth the read and the classroom. A master class in inspiration - engaging and insightful - where you'll learn about yourself - The Land of the King critique.
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The Land of the King–A Trilogy that Precedes the Bible
About Brock Ventura
Writer Brock VenturaAuthor, Brock Anthony Ventura, born December 3, 1974 in New Orleans, resides in Covington, LA with his wife, Lauren and three children, Camden, Anna, and Dylan. He holds a BA in Communication and Journalism with an English Literature minor. Read More >>
Dream Walk - Under Review
Dream Walk Screenplay

Corner of the Sky Entertainment is considering the script to join their lineup of movies shooting in 2015. The Novel is also on its way, set to be released before the movie.

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Walt Wisken and Mr. Scuttles
Coming Fall 2013
About the Book
The best story ever, Walt Wisken is a series of novels set to the bounce of Harry Potter, the feel of Disney, for the child at heart and grown-ups alike. The series follows a quite delightful, although sometimes frightful, tale of one very special boy and his troublesome who embark on a journey from the magical lands to the Land of Learning where, little do they know, they change the order of things forever.
Excerpts on the Blog
A precursor to Genesis, Earth, and Man – never told before – absent gods, God, mythology, theology, mention of, or words related to either – Before the bible, there was the Land of the King.
The Land of the King
The First War, absent mythological gods or an afterlife to bode theology, opens the trilogy as a standalone, 115,000 word fantasy novel that sees the dawn of religion, fall of magic, and rise of man in the Land of the King when the conquests of a determined son and his rumored father's journeys reckon immortal lands of magic, create Heaven, establish Hell, and transcend their land of Senterfel into a world after the Kingdom drops an abyss that turns each stars in one another's sky.

"God, gods, such convoluted words did not comfort young Dibbon the crisp, bloody morning he stood before the gallows with his mother in the land of Senterfel."

Flesh and Bone, the second book of the trilogy, absent magic, betokens Earth and foreshadows humanity during the age of war, birth of an afterlife, and era of death in Senterfel when the Kingdom gives final instructions and claims that he who reigns over the nation of Osterlan holds the kingdom of Senterfel, ruling its nations, before it lifts its reign and delivers Senterfel to its people rallied around nation kings who run Senterfel red in an effort to claim the throne, reign over Senterfel, and rule the world.

"When the world ends, the darkness will fall. Before the darkness begins, the hounds of hell will call. The dogs of war will rage. Before angels fly, they will savage our graves; and to Hell, they will tithe."

The End of Man, the final book of the trilogy, ends when God strips the world to dirt, calls it Earth, and leaves a man and woman standing in a garden while a snake slithers up a fruit tree.

"The end of man is near, friend. Gather your things and run; find your rock along the Merchant Sea and stand.  When the rain falls red and waters rage their wrath, wait to be judged. Did you aid the fall of man? Speak carefully when asked, for such words shall determine your ship. Make choice and see sails hoist when intended verdict guides your voyage from Senterfel to where the Kingdom of Heaven sees fit."


THE SYNOPSIS: When the king hangs his mother, Dibbon, a servant boy, is forced to do what the king’s peerless warriors could not in an effort to avoid his nation’s call to war shuffling unprepared boys into the thirty-second reckoning of his land. He mounts Eris, his horse, and enters Helenerth’s Black Forest, where Nomags, those absent magic, do not venture, determined to join the Senterians, an elite force lead by his rumored father, Makulas Gracus, the King of War. While Dibbon attempts to change his fate, Makulas battles nations to fulfill his. Senterfel is their land, and it is absent magic, but beyond its borders, the magical land of Evanward, housing the Kingdom, imposes a new fate on each of them at the reckoning’s end.

Dibbon struggles to become Senterfel’s King of War while Makulas leads the Legion of the King, twelve men and women Legionnaires, on a journey north across Evanward’s forbidden borders where Nomags aim to achieve what the Kingdom’s Neumas, all those magical, cannot when they spill the first blood seen in Evanward and reckon it of all things wretched that yield from the horrid land of Brigen Hollow in the south. Neumas damn their journey when their prestigious land turns riddled in carnage, but Makulas does not fight for them. He and his legion strive to raise Senterfel worthy the Kingdom’s concern and Nomags equal to Neumas in its hierarchy. Each Legionnaire forsakes a Senterfel return or Evanward stay, accepting exile in Brigen Hollow if it frees their land of the reckonings.

Love prevails beside discovery, gender gives way to strength, and swords rival magic by the end of Makulas’s journey in Evanward and Dibbon’s rise in Senterfel. Their journeys transcend expectation and change everything in the Land of the King when the Kingdom decides to return the Legion of the King home. Via boats or rebirth, it catapults each of them into a new journey underway in Senterfel as it drops an abyss along each land’s border that leaves them stars in one another’s sky. It calls Evanward Heaven, Brigen Hollow Hell, and Senterfel undetermined when it sends a Neuma boy with them, thereafter, raised a Nomag beside a young boy named Makulas while their new king, Dibbon, prepares his nation for the war of flesh and bone.

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The Journey
Excerpts on the Blog
About the Book
The Journey chronicles one man's struggle with fait through a book of pomes that does not tell of bright lights, white shrouds, and peace. His quest for answers lies black, silent, and horrid until he reconciles that absolute faith is absent answers, for it holds no questions.
Poem of the Month


But for those I love, I live and let the ravage feed, the savage draw the breath of me; but in dream, the quiet rage of sleep, my profound desires scream until I am freed one of angel's breed.

To the sky, I fly, while from my lips their fingers flee, revealing memories of me before this privileged life and the love of my family and wife.

The day remains theirs, but at night, I soar through angels' air, lay my burdens to bed, and fall in angel's arms, where I am home.

Wether by this life I lead or its mortal deeds, but for those I love, I live until Heaven is earned, so that when the faithful are sorted, I stand among the devoutly departed.

A Message from the Author about the Poem of the Month

The beauty of youth is that the mind moves so fast it never stops to think. I, absent my youth, was brought to a point this year where I accepted death, made peace with it, but woke up and thought, What do you do when you haven't died? You change perspective, pay the debt, and fulfill purpose, so I finished The Land of the King: The First War for the world to argue as I start The War of Flesh and Bone; or maybe, I will finish the chapter book I promised my ten-year-old son, Camden, I'd write with him. Such Perspective is a beautiful gift. It made me give my writing the attention it deserves.

The greatest gift of writing is that it allows us to let go of things we should and places them on a page where they lay for us to visit or let lie and bear no more.

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